Koi Square Confetti Path and Ring


“Water falls extinguish
The troubles of recently
Take my thoughts back koi

Cool water splashes
Flaming koi swim unaware
Beneath fiery skies.”

Fire & Koi Haiku (fragment), by Koi Kichi Kronicles.

(Animated mesh particles lights)

March Update: You can find now this item in E.V.E’s marketplace and in the in world store.

February’s new release for We ❤ RP is inspired in the form and colors of the koi fish. These glitter lights of square confetti comes in 2 models:

  • PATH, with organic shape, easy to combine
  • RING, ideal to wear it, stand out a certain object or spot, like a window or a fountain, or to create arches in paths and caverns

There is a -25% Off discount over these packs during the We ❤ RP. After February, you will find these animated mesh particle lights in E.V.E’s in world store and marketplace at it’s regular prize.

  • Taxi to the We ❤ RP here, E.V.E’s stand is the 43.􀀁

Koi Square confetti models Path and Ring are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Dancing Collection of Animated Mesh Particle Lights
  • Color Pack (red/white, blue sea, gold and Strawberry ice cream)
  • Black & White Pack (4 different variations of black & white)
  • 2 versions: COPY or M/C
  • default sizes:
    • Path= 5×10 meters / 5 prims
    • Ring= 5×5 meters / 10 prims
  • COPY version includes:
    Path or Ring model
    Color Pack or Black & White Pack
  • MOD & COPY pack includes:
    Both models, Path and Ring blocks fully modifiable in all the colors aforementioned


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