Update 3.2 Male Rapunzel Bodyglitter

New update for males!

Rapunzel Suit Glitter For Him

RAPUNZEL SUIT GLITTER FOR HIM New release for Shiny Shabby. Opens the 20th Taxi 25% Off during the event UPDATE: now in Main Store with a 25% Off for E.V.E Members This holographic mesh suit glitter for mesh bodies is an adaptation of the one I created for my statue Rapunzel in Evie. The Rapunzel…

Rapunzel Mesh Glitter TMP Female body test

Since Rapunzel in Evie, I’m working in the conversion to body for the Holo-Glitter effect. This is the teaser video for the TMP’s Fem-body. Yeah… I’m super sexy with my male head… anyway I hope you like the Rapunzel Mesh Glitter! Hope to have it ready for today’s opening of Linden’s SL14B Shopping Event 😉 Teaser…

Me and the Moon

“She looks like me,
acts like me,
tunes like me…
but is not me!”