Open your eyes to imagination… Enter Virtual Evolution

Virtual life is an expansion of ourselves in this Digital Era, of our way of thinking, communicating, interacting… to life our unique identities in multiple ways. To imagine.

E.V.E*, more than offer you a fashion product for your Second Life, wants to help you to expand your imagination and preserve your originality.

Be unique, break your barriers!

Enjoy 🙂

Noke Yuitza, artist behind E.V.E

*E.V.E is artist Noke Yuitza’s new brand for CG art and fashion designs in Second Life.


Choreographer, performing artist, stage/set designer and communicator that uses Second Life since 2009 for CG New Media Art installations and fashion design.

As artist, Noke has created scenes for many projects and virtual spaces as LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts), the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan, Italy), the UWA (University of Western Australia), Mosi Mosi Agency (Barcelona, Spain) and Singularity Tribe.

As designer, E.V.E is Noke Yuitza’s brand for art and fashion designs, participating in events and fairs as The Chapter Four, The Crossroads, Shiny Shabby, We ❤ RP, Enchantment, The Secret Affair and The Seasons Story among others.

Open installations: “Transcendence After Poison Rain” (University of Western Australia) and “Poison Rain” (in Craft Virtual World).

Currently working in “Chasing Morpheus”, Dystopia’s Chapter 2, GC art installation for LEA.

Previous big installations: “Dream”, for Arte Libera, and “The Sea of Cubic Dreams”, an Art Game installation with Alegria Studio (previous brans) for LEA and “Love is a Battlefield” (in Craft Virtual World).

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