CYBER SPELLS are cast and shape around a futuristic sphere lamp. Touch it to switch on/off the light!

Image from Gyazo

Use the Spells to highlight paths, make walkways, decorate walls, wear them or create a focus of attention…

[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials / Switch on-off light / Sunny Spells Collection / Animated / Fantastic Garden / HUD / Fatpack / M / C]

  • Shapes and mods included: Cyber tornado, Cyber Saturn, Cyber Ball (standalone sphere lamp), Cyber o (standalone O ring spells)
  • Sphere is a lamp: touch it to switch on/off light
  • Hud options:
    • Color picker
    • Glow and Bright for the spells
    • Sphere with 3 material-faces and 9 materials to choose (clean and rust options)
    • Spells materials: Noctiluca (23), Sunny Spells (7), Pride (17) Extension Packs + 1 E.V.E = 48 materials total. The Extension Material Packs are made to easy combine with other E.V.E glitters and spells.
    • Range: Sim. Change all the sim ones at once!
    • Wear the hud to get automatically the latest update (no need to check in redelivery)
  • Land impact: tornado spells + sphere lamp def. size 3.1×3.1×4.7 meters / 7Li


  • Price Fatpack: 600L$
  • 25% Off Price during event: 450L$
Image from Gyazo Image from Gyazo Image from Gyazo Image from Gyazo

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  1. Rm Jenne says:

    Love it amazing creation as always ♥


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