Info and Read Notecards

In each E.V.E’s pack is included a Info Notecard (with the specific information of the product) and a Read Notecard called “READ!!! E.V.E PRODUCTS IMPORTANT INFO” with the following general information about E.V.E products:


This item may has materials enabled (Normal and Specular texture maps). To see them, check the box Advanced Lighting Model in Preferences / Graphics.
More about materials here.


This item may has a resize menu to make the item larger or smaller. If you scale it, due Second Life, this item can experiment an increase or decrease variation in its Land Impact.
Touch on the item, while you are wearing it, to open the resize menu and choose to either increase or decrease.
It´s recommended use a pose stand when you are resizing your item and wait until the resizing is complete.
You can also delete the resizer when you are done.


This item may be Modify and Copy. MOD / COPY versions are specially orientated to builders and artists that know some basics about prim-mesh Edition in Second Life. But don’t worry, to edit E.V.E’s MOD&COPY items you don’t need to be a crack 😉 Just read this instructions.


This item may be transfer if is a Gacha or a to gift version. Read more about E.V.E’s Gacha and transfer perms here.


This item can be a regular item (common), a rare or ultrarare in an E.V.E’s gacha, a special (a variation from it’s common version made for certain projects) or an exclusive (just available at certain fairs and events or/and E.V.E’s group and subscriber)

This item is an original mesh design and may have been part of an art installation.

Read in the item’s information notecard or in E.V.E’s blog its specifications.

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