Art Installations at Imaginarium

In Autumn 2018 we open Imaginarium Sim with the aim of promoting creativity, hosting our art installations and invited artists ones.

Our Texture-Materials Editions and Effects

E.V.E Editions are related to our Texture-Materials Editions. They are created having in mind the need to achieve balanced aesthetics in sets for performers, artists, sim designers and bloggers. The major part of these materials are based in Noke Yuitza’s artworks for art installations. E.V.E Effects refers to the animation effect that has our products….


Our glitters apply science and art techniques, as how light performs over sand particles , to create pieces that are original from their concept design to the final product, innovating and being avant-garde in the way they perform in virtual worlds.


Scorpion Collection was crafted in a far… far away desert to resist and endure in time, even in the hardest conditions.


Inspired by a jellyfish and those starry nights with clouds… hiding and revealing in the sky a rainbow of colorful stars.


E.V.E is the home of the original and 1st ever made in Second Life rigged body-glitter for avatars, ceated from the Statue Rapunzel In Evie , a piece exposed in RL VR Art Bienal and SLB among others.


The SUNNY SPELLS are a collection of rays of light with/without glitter mesh particles in suspension. ✪✪✪ SUNNY SPELLS VOL.01 ✪✪✪ The first model of the Sunny Spells. Ideal to use in stage and parties. ✪✪✪ SUNNY SPELLS VOL.02 ✪✪✪ This ray of light with glitter is ideal to spot big areas, statues, sets… comes…


Inspired in a fish, the Koi fish, in the shape and scales, represented in abstract form and many colors.