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E.V.E Bloggers Wanted 01

“The voices of the children playing in the seashore melt in the distance with the waves and the singing of gulls and other birds. Kira lies in the boat, awakening from her lost consciousness, rocked by the sea. She feels the flavor of the salty water in her chapped lips with a metallic background… but she’s still alive.”

Dystopia after credits alternative ending short story, by NY.

Aloha beautiful flower,

If you are reading this message-bottle is because you are interested in being part of my team of bloggers for E.V.E’s products or/and my art installations. What I value from my future bloggers are:

  1. Emotional talent… skills in imagination, originality and storytelling (a picture is not just a picture, but a memory to others to engage with, even in a 100% fashion contest)
  2. Technical talent… skills in setting a scene, photography, writing and photo-edition
  3. Flickr likes… this is not related exclusively to talent, but the way you promote your pictures and posts
  4. Experience in blogging E.V.E’s products… your previous pictures and posts are a plus. Add them to E.V.E’s Flickr Groups, where I can follow your work better:
  5. Commitment… example: to blog in time the new releases for fairs and events (or to notify if anything happens) and to tag in social networks

STATUS UPDATE: the blogger application is close; waiting July’s resolution. Please, subscribe to E.V.E to follow last news about when next round will be open.


Noke Yuitza

UPDATE: Since 2018, we use Blogotex service to manage our bloggers. You can apply from clicking the Blogotex poster in our store in world.