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Noke Yuitza
Owner and artist behind E.V.E

If you cannot find the answer to your question in this FAQ, please im/notecard E.V.E CSR EvaEva Finistair.

A notecard that is not well named is easy to miss. To prevent this, your notecard’s name should be like this:

  • E.VE Support- (Your Name): Issue or Question

Please contact Noke Yuitza ONLY for tech issues with the redelivery terminal.

Further information: E.V.E’s policy and support.


  • How to use the Vendor
  • Missed Deliveries
  • Refunds and mistakes
  • Gachas
  • Permissions
  • New releases


Click on the vendor and a menu pops up showing different options. Just follow it to choose between buying options available and method of payment to complete your purchase.

There’s a Vendor Tutorial with pictures here.

By shopping with this system, you will earn store credits, be able to use E.V.E Giftcards, access special discounts, automatically get a refund when double purchase or when trying to pay the vendor without choosing first a payment method in the blue menu.


Q: I purchased your product Inworld/Marketplace and it didn’t get delivered, what shall I do?

A: You can find the Redelivery at E.V.E Main Store, center, near the art display. Touch it and will open a link where you will be able to see your purchases and choose which item you want to redeliver. Works with in world vendor system and marketplace purchases.

If by any reason is not working, contact E.V.E Live Help (EVELiveHelp) and leave an IM and NC with your ID purchase and your legacy name.


E.V.E fashion & art items are No Transfer unless otherwise stated. Purchases are considered final and no refunds are issued. All Non-Transfer Items will not be refunded.

– DISPLAY ERRORS – Factors that may cause items failure to display properly may include/and are not limited to: server lag, user connection, third-party viewer faults. E.V.E Studio accepts no responsibility for such display errors – particularly those that occur within third-party viewers.

Q: I purchased the same identical product twice with the same avatar, may I have a refund? (DOUBLE PURCHASE)

A: Yes, of course for Double Purchase. By shopping through our vendor system, you will automatically get a refund when accidentally you do a Double Purchase. Be aware that we accept refund requests up to a week after the double purchase happens.

Q: I purchased something paying directly the vendor and didn’t get any item, may I have a refund?

A: There’s only one way to complete a purchase: through the blue menu that pops up when clicking on a vendor.

Our vendor system has a safety mode for customers: automatically refunds them when they try to pay the vendor without choosing first a payment method in the blue menu.

Q: I purchased one of your products, may I get it on this avatar too?

A: No, we are sorry. You can use the vendor system or marketplace to purchase a gift version for a friend or an alter.

Q: I bought something from you and now I actually think I like another version more, may I return it to you or get it discounted and get the other one?

A: No, we are sorry.

Q: But if I promise I will delete it?

A: No, we sorry. All Non-Transfer Items will not be refunded. Please contact E.V.E Live Help (EVELiveHelp) if having doubts or concerns for more information before your purchase.

Q: I bought your creation and it was a mistake because ->insert any reason here<-, may I have a refund?

A: We are sorry, no. Please do consider all purchases are final and if having any doubts contact E.V.E Live Help (EVELiveHelp) prior to your purchase.

Q: I bought your creation and detected a bug/mistake, may I have a refund?

A: We are sorry, no. But we will check the content box and the product and, if it needs a fix, send you an update with the fix as soon as possible.


Q: I have played your gacha but I didn’t get the item I wanted, can you sell/give/exchange/refund me for the one I want?

A: Gachas are a game of luck, a gambling game, and we can’t guarantee you will get the item you want regardless the amount you’ve put in the machine. We cannot sell, give, exchange or refund you any gacha item out of fairness to others who play.

Q: I have not received your gacha item/Inventory creation error

A: For items creation error and/or delivery errors, please send a NC titled “Gacha set name – Your Name: Transaction error”. Paste the transaction error and provide a screenshot of the local chat as a proof and describe the issue you’re facing.

Q: I have not received your gacha item, but it shows I did in local chat

A: This can happen when you are playing Gacha Machines or purchasing non-copy items while SL is doing maintenance. If after cleaning caches and relog the transfer items still missing, you may experiment an Inventory Lost issue. Contact Linden Labs and fill a ticked detailing the situation including your local chat information. They will check your situation and help you to recover your items.

(For copy items, you can use our redelivery terminal).

Q: I have tried to rezz your gacha items -or another no copy item- but them disappeared 

A: When you drop a no-copy item in a non-authorized zone (no object allowed land) it often happens that the box seems to be lost and don’t get back in your inventory. You have to log-off and log-in again to retrieve it.

Q: I’ve purchased your gacha in a yardsale, to another player, traded it.. etc… but I never get what I purchased, refund me please

A: We’re sorry but we do not give support to third party purchases/trades. Be very careful when you trade, purchase on a yardsale or in makerplace and always check box contents. Keep in mind that a play will never cost more than 25 to 100L$ (depends on the gacha), so if you purchase a common item it should be never higher than that.


Q: Can you change the item perms?

A: The permissions of No Mod items will remain as it:

  • No Mod/No Copy/Transfer for Gachas
  • No Mod/Copy/ No Transfer for no Gacha items

However, if you need for some reason a change in perms, you can contact us explaining your reasons and we will evaluate if we can change them (however NO MOD permission will remain as it).

Q: I’d like to purchase your items as full perm to resell them

A: As we design original items, from concept to modeling and texturing, we will never sell full perm versions of our designs.


Q: I would like to buy your new release, but I cannot find it in your store/marketplace store

A: As we present our new releases in events and fairs, we have to wait until they finish to put them in our store or marketplace. Exclusive items made for specific events are not for sale anymore.