Poison Rain, the art installation for MdM at Craft World

Just finish setting some hours ago at the Museo del Metaverso in Craft Virtual World (nops, is not Second Life) and took this capture. The display at the museum has darker windlights, giving a more corrupted environment, but for this picture I wanted to capture that initial moment where the poison rain starts to corrupt…

Samsara Bolero Jacket for She and He

E.V.E New release for Sanarae.

Venus Nori Algae

“When you do dance, I wish you a wave o’ the sea…”(W.S) Venus Nori Algae: new E.V.E’s release for Shiny Shabby

Splashing Droplets

“When the nights where long and the days were deep…” Splashing Droplets: E.V.E’s new release for The Chapter Four.

Chained Roses

“You are, my love, chained to my desires…”, new release for Crossroads

New addon pack for Dancing 12-Pointed Stars

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” Gary Allan. DANCING 12-POINTED STARS (Animated Mesh Particles Lights) [100% Original Mesh Design / Dancing collection of Animated Mesh Particles Lights / FATPACK: Modify and Copy / Color Packs and Addon Pack: Copy with resizer / (New) Addon Pack: Materials Enabled plus Physics…

Tornado Orion Nebula

Inspired in the Tornado that crossed Kansas to Oz to see The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the Orion Nebula. New E.V.E’s release for Enchantment Anniversary round.

Eden’s Fall

“I fall from sky and rise on Earth. Walk miles ago, lost in vain. I’m the dream and the nightmare. A Vision of the future, a reminder… The beginning and the End.” By Noke Yuitza. New E.V.E gift for Enchantment Anniversary hidden in the image… [Picture taken inside a Tornado at E.V.E Sea Garden –…

Kira, work in progress

Aloha beautiful flowers! I started working in Dystopia Episode 2: The Lab. Here you can see some concept art for Kira, the main character. Kira wasn’t present in Dystopia Episode 1: Black Wall (in LEA24 from March to end of June), visitor were inside her Black Wall and her fear to be forgotten. In Episode 2, The…

Bloggers Wanted

Looking for new talents to become part of E.V.E’s team of bloggers. Application open!

Cubic Dreams

New Animated Mesh Particles Lights for RFL Fantasy Fair 2016