Quick tips on editing in Second Life and OpenSim


Some of E.V.E designs can have transparent parts that helps with the edition of an object that can be tinny or/and difficult to catch, as the Dancing Stars Fireflies. To be able to see and edit them:

  1. Activate Highlight Transparent objects in Second Life with Ctrl+Alt+T to see them
  2. Right Mouse Button click over them to open the secondary menu and choose Edit

This way you will be able to easy edit them to move, rotate and even more if it has also Modification permissions.

E.V.E Dancing Stars Fireflies - Editing the lights 01 and 02


MOD version means you have the free to modify an object as you wish with no need of a resizer or a Hud to change colors, textures, brightness or glow, joint and un-joint their parts, make it physical, enable lights and materials… You are absolutely free to do any modification! MOD / COPY versions are specially orientated to builders and artists that know some basics about prim-mesh Edition in Second Life. But don’t worry, to edit E.V.E’s Mod and Copy items you don’t need to be a crack 😉

A few things to have in mind when editing a MOD version of an object:

Multi-faces of a mesh: A mesh item can have multiple faces associated to different material data per face. This means that, as in Second Life’s primitives shapes, you can select an individual face with “Select Face” and change individual configurations for its associated material data in the Texture Tab. We call mesh-face in Second Life to an area of the mesh that can be selected. These separated areas are a group of vertex defined as materials or polygroups in different CG design applications as Blender, Maya and ZBrush.

Materials in Second Life: Includes de material data of an object with their Normal and Specular Maps. Thanks to Linden’s Project Material Viewer, released in 2013, we can now enjoy the effects of imported Normal and Specular texture maps, achieving a more realistic-looking, when Advanced Lighting Model is checked in viewer’s graphic options. But due the name of the project, we use the words “materials enabled” or similar to try explain that a mesh have Normal and Specular texture maps included, what is not correct, but it is accepted.

Quick editing for E.V.E’s small objects or/and objects difficult to catch: In E.V.E’s products you can find a bigger transparent box, ball or plain to help you to easy catch, move and edit them, as in the Stars Fireflies Light Path.

E.V.E Dancing Stars Fireflies - Editing the lights 04


Lighting is very important, both in Real Life and games, to help to create a certain environment or space. That’s why some Environment Lighting objects can be included as modify and optional in some E.V.E products. They come in artist default settings an in color white as objects. To change these settings:

  1. Edit the object and choose one of its parts (Edit Parts)
  2. Open the Character Tab
    1. You can change the color, intensity, size, even put a texture in Hight and Ultra graphics… of the light
  3. Repeat the process with the other parts
  4. After changing in the Character Tab the settings for the lights for each part of the object, deselect Edit Parts and make them 100 % transparent in Texture Tab