Copybott Alert… E.V.E KOI Square Confetti has being copied!!

Copybott Alert... E.V.E KOI Square Confetti

How easy is to steal the work of others and put them like them… E.V.E Koi Confetti has been copybotted! And who is the one that was believing that can copy my Koi confetti, which for making it I used a special technique for creating mesh particles on a non-typical way, that I texturize using 4 different artwork pictures of 4 of my past art installations in Second Life (my special Watermark)?… kim1 karu!

The Shape and Textures are the same, but… copying 100% of the master… is difficult! Specially if the master has my background skills as real life artist. That is why you will see some differences:

  • Land impact- E.V.E Path: 5 LI/Kimi Path: 33 LI & E.V.E Ring: 10 LI/Kimi Ring: 133 LI
  • Rezzer is not there, although she says it is (because she copied even my description)
  • The beautiful shine effect is lost in Kimi version (because for that one has to pay attention to material-faces)

Although I truly appreciate also a wink to me in the name of the Script: “Konfetti ”… I prefer, Kimi, that you stop copybotting the hard work of the real designers, the real 100% original mesh designers, like mine.

These are copybotted items, please do not buy them!


~Noke Yuitza

E.V.E Studio’s owner, artist & designer


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