Chained Roses

“You are, my love, chained to my desires…”, new release for Crossroads

Modify or Non-Modify… Which one to choose?

Stars, bubbles, tears, waving fungus… All them created to dance in clouds and waves to bring magic to your sets and all them have 2 versions for permissions: a Non-Modify (NM) and a Modify (M). Which to choose? A modify version of a product gives you the freedom to customize that object as you wish, with no need of a resizer…

Kira, work in progress

Aloha beautiful flowers! I started working in Dystopia Episode 2: The Lab. Here you can see some concept art for Kira, the main character. Kira wasn’t present in Dystopia Episode 1: Black Wall (in LEA24 from March to end of June), visitor were inside her Black Wall and her fear to be forgotten. In Episode 2, The…

Cubic Dreams

New Animated Mesh Particles Lights for RFL Fantasy Fair 2016

Moon Snow on Branches Horns and Winter Bush

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” George Carlin. For 2015 Midwinter Fair, 2 new releases!  Both inspired in winter nature, the night and fantasy. E.V.E’s 1st new release, Moon Snow on Branches Horns and Winter Bush, it has 2 versions: a Copy one for the Horns and Winter Bush and a…

Ghost Chains

There’s always ghost chains that bind us… to a place, to a love, to our social image… And we can use those chains to go deep in the abyss or as a flying weapon for rebellion. In these ghost chains is inspired E.V.E’s new gacha release for the Jackpot Gacha Fair, that will be open until…


New release for Fantasy Gacha Carnival