Dystopia Episode 1: Black Wall

Here you have a couple of photos of the first chapter of Dystopia, a parallel alternative retro futuristic society fallen into decay due lack of control over genetic and transhumanic experiments for fashion and my new art installation for Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA, sim 24).

Black Wall included an opening performance as conceptual experiment where audience was invited to participate in to face inner black walls, those full of memories, dreams and monsters. A moment of analysis and inner retrospective that Kira, Dystopia’s main character, have to do to search for a future. Black Wall is the beginning of Kira’s journey, an illegal immigrant looking to cross frontier to a better life.

Opium*, Dream and Utopia are the triplets nymphs of Dystopia. In this 1st episode, you meet Opium. Behind, in abstract surreal form, you can see The Smuggler. Listen to him to have the first clue to know a bit more about Kira.

Opium and The Smuggler

Opium is wearing Koi Last Unicorn in black raven, Swing Alma “The Black Widow” hat in gold and Ghost Chains. The Smuggler is made of Microphone Eyes and Koi Glitter and Ivy Trees (coming soon release).


Around the scene you also can see Koi Square Confetti in red and white, Dancing Bubbles in pollution (inclued in the black & white pack), Dystopia flower. In the little stage for the performance you can find Waving Bioluminiscent Fungus in white and peach and Dystopia wings in black.

Update: Have a look at the wonderful captures that did Schickal! Here the link:

Update, June: With the following machinima, Suzie Anderton (InWorld Films) transport us into a bubble that floats in a visual collage between the amazing art installations of LEA Round 10, including Dystopia (min. 1:01). Best watch it in HD and 3D!

*Opium’s basic body shape and posture was created using Manuel Bastioni’s CC-BY 4.0 Addon for Blender, finished modeling in ZBrush, textured in Substance Painter and baked for scene colors in Blender.


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