Microphone Eyes and Koi Glitter Face Makeup

E.V.E Microphone Eyes & Koi Glitter Face Makeup Poster (Gold) - Photo by Ephemeral Skye

Photo by Ephemeral Skye.

(E.V.E’s Animated Mesh Particles Lights)

“Nobody gets between me and my microphone”

Siéad O’Connor.

Getting ready for the Skin Fair 2016! Here you can see the amazing poster that Skye has done and the Microphone Eyes & Koi Glitter Makeup in silver and gold together at big size in E.V.E’s stand. Both are a tribute to Virtual Wolds performers, musicians, Djs and dancers, all accomplices to immerse us into the virtual environments. You fill find it at the Skin Fair 2016 with my 3rd release “Love is a Battlefield” mesh face tattoo .

Each box includes in silver or gold:

  • Microphone Eyes*
  • Koi Glitter Makeup**
  • The Drown Eyes (optional; not mesh)
  • Soft face light in Blue or Peach (optional)

Taxi to E.V.E’s in the Skin Fair here.

If you want to see the animation of the glitter, you can play the video or see it in world at the Skin Fair and  E.V.E’s Mainstore.

  • Summer In Store Update: Now you can find Microphone Eyes & Koi Glitter Makeup in E.V.E’s Main Store

Play the video below in Flickr:

E.V.E Samsara Bolero Jacket Hologram Teaser 01

E.V.E stand at Skin Fair 2016_001

Skin Fair Sin 1, E.V.E’s booth 21: Silver and Gold versions together, both for the Skin Fair, less the Ivy Trees with no leaves, that are part of my upcoming gacha for The Gathering.

I want to run Opposite Side {02}

Silver version

Microphone Eyes & Koi Glitter Makeup are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Unisex
  • Fits in mesh heads and classic heads
  • Materials Enabled*
  • Dancing Collection of Animated Mesh Particles Lights**
  • Part of Dystopia art installation (coming soon at LEA24 this Spring)
  • 2 color packs: silver or gold
  • M/C (less The Drown Eyes, that are just Copy)

* For a more realistic-looking, go to your Preferences Graphic advanced options and activate Advanced Lighting Model.
** Animated script deleted to help to minimize lag in Skin Fair 2016.

SKIN FAIR 2016 MAP - SIM 1 - 1024 - FINAL


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