Dystopia Cyber Flower Pins: Sunflowers

E.V.E Poster Cyber Flower Pins (By Ephemeral Skye).jpg

He reduced the guard and escaped through a field of synthetic sunflowers without a clear direction, hiding from the men in lab coats and their mercenaries, when he reached a lake’s shore and saw a group of people floating in a comatose dream in the water, with some of those shining sunflowers over their torsos.  The alarm started to sound in the complex. They should have discover the unconscious guard and will come soon after him. If he could swim across the lake, between the bodies, maybe he could have a chance to get free, he thought. He ran into the cold water when he saw the mermaid and a strong pain in the chest stopped him to go further. The creature approached smoothly a man with shining sunflowers off. The man coughed, awakening with no-sense of where he was, when the mermaid  attack him and began devouring its innards while the man screamed helplessly. The horror of the brutal scene make him walk backward, without noticing that someone was behind him before fading to black.

Dystopia Chapter 2, by NY (coming soon).

E.V.E Poster Cyber Flower Pins (By ROQUAI)


  • Mechanical sunflower pins lights for retro-futuristic gardens
  • New release and gift for We ❤ RP: taxi here (stand 74)
  • 25% Off during the We ❤ RP

Congrats We ❤ RP!

The We ❤ RP is celebrating its birthday this May and E.V.E will be there with a new release and a gift: Dystopia Cyber Flower Pins and Ivy Tree [M01] dwarf cherry. The flower pins are part of Dystopia Chapter 2 (coming soon) and their main function is to drain and convert energy from organic sources into electrical power.

You can use them to decorate your sets, home and gardens and your body. See a preview scene rezzed at the demo platform at the event! (Teleport is in the front of E.V.E booth 74 at the We ❤ RP).

The amazing pictures for the poster and vendors has being made by Ephemeral Skye and ROQUAI.

These sunflowers are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Materials Enabled (1)
  • Metal color packs: gold damaged, gold, rust metal, black, white, silver damaged
  • Includes different models of cybernetic sunflower: M01, M02A+B, M03A+B, M04A+B (2)
  • Includes an “easy to rez” low impact group with all the models
  • Includes a second “easy to rez” group A and B (mirror group)
  • Part of an art installation
  • M/C

(1) Activate Advanced Lighting to get a realistic look.

(2) Straight and mirrored.

Main style card for the vendor pictures


  • E.V.E Dystopia Cyber Flower Pins

On Noke:

In the scene:


Special version of the Ivy Tree [M01] only available as gift.

E.V.E Ivy Tree [M01] dwarf cherry is and has:
• 100% original mesh design
• Part of Ivy Trees collection
• Resizer
• C

E.V.E at the May Roun We<3RP - Map May 2016.png


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