Tears in a Glitter-Jewelry Suit

E.V.E Tears Suit

  • New release for We ❤ RP. Starts the 4th
  • 25%Off during the event. Taxi
[100% original mesh design / Glitter-Jewelry Suit / Hud / C]
  • Hud to control Materials, Glow and Bright, Alpha, Color
  • 8 Metal Materials (Metal Base) + 8 Glitter-Water Materials (Liquid Cover)
  • Hud to control Glow, Bright and Alpha
  • 1 Metal Material + 1 Glitter-Water Material
Use the hud to alpha parts of the tears, control glow, bright, color and materials
  • Body Brand: Maitreya
  • High Heels
  • 2 suits: slow and fast Glitter-Water Cover animation over the Metal-Jewelry Base

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Look how some awesome photographers and bloggers are using this items for their pics:
Clau Dagger
Tears in a glitter


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