Eye of the Storm


“He is a wicked man, who comes to children when they won’t go to bed, and throws a handful of sand into their eyes so that they start out bleeding from their heads. He puts their eyes in a bag and carries them to the crescent moon to feed his own children, who sit in the nest up there. They have crooked beaks like owls so that they can pick up the eyes of naughty human children.”

The Sandman, by E.T.A. Hoffmann.

Aloha beautiful flower,

Eye of the Storm, inspired in The SandMan (by E.T.A Hoffmann), is one of the pieces that will be part of Dystopia’s next episode art installation, coming soon in 2017, here in a Halloween preview for We<3RP with a 25% off discount.

[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enabled/ Animated Mesh Particles* /Dystopia Edition / Garden decor/ Environment lighting/Packs: Bronze, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple & FATPACK / Modify and Copy]

  • Animated and Non-Animated (NA) versions
  • 2 shapes: Tornado (AMP*) and Worm (3 eyes in a column with Left and Right versions)
  • Default size and Land Impact:
    • Tornado shape: aprox. 3.3×3.3×8.6 / 7 Li
    • Worm shape: aprox. 1x1x1.3 / 1Li

Inside FATPACK box you will find:

All color packs and environment lights

Inside Color Pack boxes you will find:

A color in animated and non animated version, with 2 worm’s shape 3 eyes mirrored and environment lights

Taxi: We ❤ RP


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