Inspired in the “as you wish” moments between the lovers, fusion with that feeling of being high when you realize you are in love, and you are loved back.

Ashes and Ice… The Flowers and Stones Path

After Halloween… Spooky Christmas! E.V.E new gacha release at the Fantasy Fair Carnival has new creepy and beautiful dystopian  eyeball flowers with a path of lava stones that are active, cold, iced or alchemically converted into gold. The cool pics this time were made by Nate Svenson. Thanks Nate! ASHES AND ICE – FLOWERS AND STONES…

“Chained to You”, new gacha release for The Chapter Four

CHAINED TO YOU New gacha release for The Chapter Four. Opens the 4th. Taxi coming soon Relations can be sometimes complicated… that is the subject behind Chained to You. SPECS [100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enable / 1 Ultra, 1 Rare, 7 Commons / Art Piece & Deco / Common with Pose / Mod &…

Ethereal Notes

Touch Flowers or Petals to Play Piano Sound Notes.
New gacha release for The Chapter Four, August Round.

In the Lap of Elegance

“Isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?”… New Gacha release for The Chapter Four