The original and 1st ever made in Second Life rigged body-glitter… now has a new update!  The 2.1 is the latest version, sheduled for July 10th.

Rapunzel comes with a bunch of new features, specially for Maitreya users, such as bento hands, toes, high and plane feet, Pride+Koi+Flow editions…

For the Curious Minds:

Its holographic effect mimics how light impact over sand and glitter particles… an adaptation of the one created for E.V.E statue Rapunzel in Evie (exposed in RL VR art biennale, SLB and Enchantment).

Those who had the prevous versions can upgrade by free using the redeliveries in our Main Store.

For those who doesn’t have it yet: it will be during July in Ebento and Pride with a 25% Off and in our Main Store with a 35% Off for E.V.E members. You can get it too in our Marketplace here.

For Belleza users: Read the changelog 😉

Come get yours!


– Body Brands: Maitreya, TMP Classic 
– 4 Types of animation: Non-animated, KOI, PRIDE and FLOW 
– 53 Materials: Koi + Tornado + Noctiluca + Pride Eds. 
– HUD 2.1 
– MAI: Head and Neck addon + bento hands addon + Mirror addon + Feet Type: Toes, High, Medium, Plane Addon

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