Nightmare Replicant

E.V.E NightMare Replicant V-Marketplace- 700x525px


Born of a nightmare.

“Where can I get it?”

  • During October with a 50% and 60% Off for Sale-A-Palooza Event. Taxi and more about here
  • Main Store in Imaginarium
  • Marketplace


[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enabled / Statue Bust / Fatpack : 2 materials version (4Li) and Mural (1Li) / Fantastic Garden / M / C ]

  • 2 sizes option for rezzing: Choose the 4Li one if you are in a small parcel
  • 2 materials version: Black Blood and Dark Blue
  •  Mural with Pick Picture option to select in the pop up menu

*This item is in the Store in World with a 60% Off for E.V.E Members during Oct18


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