E.V.E Scatha Dragon V-1x1

Inspired in Tolkien’s Scatha the Worm and dragon serpents as the Drakon Kholkikos.


Scatha is a dormant dragon. His appearance has been reduced to bones and armature due to the long waiting. But don’t get fooled: if you approach Scatha,  you’ll see how stares at you with his red inferno eyes.

“Where can I get it?”

  • During October as New Release for We ❤ RP with a 25% Off. Starts the 4th. Taxi coming soon
  • Main Store: after the event
  • Marketplace: after the event

The Scatha Dragon is displayed in the new E.V.E Store at Imaginarium Sim, as part of the Halloween decorations and Art Installation. You can visit it here.


[100% Original Mesh Design / Statue / Animated Eyes / Fantastic Garden / HUD / With Mirror Version / Fatpack Only: 7 Materials Skins / With Rezzer / M / C]

  • Def. Li: Body 4 prims and each eye 3 prims

Comes in a rezzer to easily move and rotate around.  Kill the scripts once is in position.

E.V.E Scatha Dragon P-1x1


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