Sunny Spells M03 – IRIS

E.V.E Sunny Spells M03 Iris V-1x1

Inspired in the human iris and Mandalas.


The rays entangle with each other to shape the iris, drawing a geometric pattern like in a Mandala.

“Where can I get them?”

  • During October as New Release for TLC. Starts the 3rd. Taxi
  • Main Store: after the event
  • Marketplace: after the event


[100% original mesh design / Animated Mesh Particles / Fantastic Garden / Rays with Glitter / Fatpack Only / Hud with 7 Ray and 6 Glitter Materials / M / C]

  • With Glitter
  • With HUD to control transparency, bright, glow, textures and color. Sim range and custom options (you need to click on last ones to be able to use the hud)
  • 8 Sunny Spells M03:
    • Original [A]
    • Original [A] Click Me
    • Mirror [B]
    • Mirror [B] Click Me
    • Original [A] animated
    • Original [A] animated Click Me
    • Mirror [B] animated
    • Mirror [B] animated Click Me
  • Def. Size and Li: approx. 10 m / 2 prims

Sunny Spells M03 Iris Hud tutorial_001


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