Stars Fireflies Path Fatpack Update 3.0!

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“Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies…”

( Fireflies in the Garden, By Robert Frost)

UPDATE 3.0*: Now your path of stars comes with a new brand set of 28 textures.

  • Where to get it? In Main Store and Marketplace
  • Price: 600L$
  • Price with 10% Off for E.V.E Group Members in Main Store: 540L$


[100% original mesh design / Animated Mesh Particles / Fantastic Garden / Fatpack is Mod & Copy]


  •  HUD with 28 new textures and color, glow and bright setting options. Sim Range
  • Animated and non-animated versions
  • 5 paths:
    • 2 Normal [A] and 2 Mirror [B] versions (2 prims each)
    • 1 Original version w/o scripts (1 prim)
  • Size: approx 1.9×7.65×1.2 meters
  • Modify
  • Copy


*Free update

This product comes in 2 versions: Copy version and a Fatpack Mod&Copy version.
This pack includes the last one.

Read more about How To Edit E.V.E Mod Versions:

Read more about the Copy version:


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