Noctiluca Stars

E.V.E Noctiluca Stars V-Marketplace 03a

NOCTILUCA STARS (Jellyfish Dome & Arch) 

“Where can I get it?”



[100% original mesh design / Animated Mesh particles / Fantastic Garden / Shapes: Dome (4), Arch (2), Leaf (1) / Fatpack with hud / M / C]

  • Packs available: Fatpack, Mint Pack and Blue Pack
  • Shapes: Dome (4: celestial and cascade), Arch (2: celestial and cascade), Leaf (1)
    • Dome celestial with and w/o flower
    • Dome cascade half and full
  • Fatpack includes Hud with 21 textures set combo, color, bright and glow
  • Def. size and Li: approx. between 2 and 6 m / between 1 and 15 prims


[Fatpack 2.0]: Hud with 21 textures

[Fatpack 1.0]: Hud with 8 textures


Tests in Beta Grid Jellyfish Dome





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