E.V.E at Second Life’s Winter Holiday Shopping Event

E.V.E at Linden's Winter Shopping Event 01


E.V.E Studio is pleased to announce our participation in Second Life’s Winter Holiday Inworld Shopping Event, from Dec. 15th to Jan. 1st, with a 25% Off and a gift.


  • Gift Promo Code: EVEMAS17
  • Vendors Discount: 25% Off
  • E.V.E GAZEBO is a coming soon release. Stay Tuned!
  • Taxi

See you there 😉


  1. Click on the vendor and a blue menu pops up showing different options. Just follow it to choose between buying options available and method of payment to complete your purchase
  2. Our vendor system gives 4 Payment Methods: Store Credit, Lindens, Gift Card and PROMO CODE
  3. Choose this last one and then insert the code: EVEMAS17
  4. Complete your purchase following the Blue Menu instructions and you will get your 100L Giftcard*  for 1L

And that’s all!

*[No expiration date. Can be combined with other offers]




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