August News: Gifts, New releases, Updates, Hunt and Art!

Aloha flowers & pearls,

Summer is here with STARS and some fresh E.V.E news!

RELEASES of this month dedicated to the stars

ART INSTALLATIONS: Rapunzel’s at The Eye

  • The twin Rapunzels are on display in a collective retrospective of artists exhibit for the anniversary of The Eye Art Gallery, until the end of September. Taxi here.


  • Thereafter Hunt: Search for the E.V.E hand-grenade!
  • L’Homme Gift (wear L’Homme tag): at the center of E.V.E main store, near subscriber.
  • E.V.E Members (wear E.V.E tag): There is a new gift in the members section and a special 10% Off in the Poison Rain Spikes Grass until September. Remember that you can get a 10% Off in E.V.E gift cards to use in any of the E.V.E new vendors (with vendor system). Gift Card vendor is at the center of E.V.E main store.


  • Rapunzel Suit Glitter female v.02, male v.03
  • Stars Suit Glitter v.01
  • A VR interactive version of the twin Rapunzels for RL New Digital Art Biennale The Wrong (opens in November)


Enjoy 😉


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