Rapunzel Suit Glitter For Him

E.V.E Rapunzel Mesh Glitter TMP M Poster 01


  • New release for Shiny Shabby. Opens the 20th
  • Taxi
  • 25% Off during the event

This holographic mesh suit glitter for mesh bodies is an adaptation of the one I created for my statue Rapunzel in Evie.

[100% Original Mesh Design / Body Mesh Suit Glitter / For She and He/ Koi Ed. / Slink with BENTO feature/ HUD Textures and Extras / Fatpacks Only / Copy ]

[V 0.3] Update is out! If you miss it, check redelivery in E.V.E Main Store

  • Belleza Mesh Male Body

[V 0.2]

  • Mesh Male Bodies includes now TMP, fitted and retrofitted versions


  • Includes Animated and Non-Animated version
  • Mesh particles with Holographic Effect
  • Mesh Male Bodies included: Signature Gianni and Slink Physique
    • Slink Physique includes Bento Gloves
    • Signature Gianni includes bulge and non-bulge versions
    • Plain Barefoot
  • HUD for textures {Koi Edition}, color, alpha parts, bright and glow


  1. To change textures make sure you are in “Koi Textures” tab
  2. To tint color, tone, alpha, glow, and brightness of the different parts of the suit… Click the button in the upper left corner to tab to “Advanced Features” (the extras)

Looking for the She Version? Click here!

Looking for the Statue Version? Click here!

Teaser videos in Flickr (click on capture):

Teaser of Rapunzel Glitter Suit on Signature Gianni:
Teaser of Rapunzel Glitter on Signature Gianni Teaser of Rapunzel Glitter Suit on Slink Physique Bento Hands: Ei Man! Rapunzel Suit Glitter SLINK Bento Hands Test 01

Teaser of Rapunzel Glitter Suit on TMP Male:
Male Rapunzel Glitter Suit [Teaser Test 02]


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