Rapunzel Suit Glitter for mesh bodies

E.V.E Rapunzel Mesh Glitter Poster 01


  • New release for We ❤ RP. Opens the 4th
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  • UPDATE: now in Main Store with a 25% Off for E.V.E Members

This holographic mesh suit glitter for mesh bodies is an adaptation of the one I created for my statue Rapunzel in Evie.

The Rapunzel was the first ever made in Second Life mesh rigged body-glitter, and it was thanks to customers request!

[100% Original Mesh Design / Rigged / Body Mesh Suit Glitter / For She and He/ Fatpacks Only / Copy ]

Check out the last changes and adds in:


KOI Edition uses same Texture Palette (some picture-artworks I did for art installations) than the rest of the Koi Collection, as the Koi Square Confetti and the Koi Glitter Face Make Up.

KOI TORNADO Edition, the Tornado Nebula ones (some texture-work done for art installations).

NOCTILUCA Edition uses same palette than the Noctiluca and 5-pointed stars collections (some texture-work done for art installations).

PRIDE Edition uses 17 of the official and more incluse Pride flags.

E.V.E Rapunzel Mesh Glitter Vendor

E.V.E Rapunzel in Evie Poster 01a


Coming soon the Maitreya Test one

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