Rapunzel in Evie

E.V.E Rapunzel in Evie Poster 01a

A tower per se, is not a bad place. Can be use for good and bad. We humans build inner towers to guard and defend ourself from others to damage, keeping our secrets, joys and demons on a safe place, forgetting how easy is to fall in our own trap and become… the captive, as Rapunzel in the tale.

Re-thinking in Rapunzel’s concept, this is my own interpretation of the tower, the hope and the Rapunzel that sometimes we have inside.

Displayed in a Virtual Reality Art Biennale in Real Life in 2017 where visitors could get in via the website. In Second Life, they are displayed as part of other artists and designers works.

The effect of the glitter is based on how light performs over sand and glitter particles in RL. The result creates a holographic illusion over the silhouette of the missing parts of Evie’s body, completing it, to capture the essence of the duality of one’s inner tower.

This was the 1st time someone did an effect like this using mesh glitter in Second Life.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did when developing them 🙂

Rapunzel in Evie, “White and Black Towers”, by Noke Yuitza.



  • New release for Enchantment. Opens May 13 to 31.
  • Taxi here, to the sponsor area where is E.V.E booth
  • UPDATE June: Now available in E.V.E Main Store
  • UPDATE: now available in E.V.E marketplace



[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enable / Art piece / Animated / Dancing Collection/ Fatpack Only / Mod & Copy ]

  • Colors: White and Silver [White Tower] and Black and Gold [Black Tower]
  • The Fatpack includes 2 statues with holographic effect and animated glitter: the  White Tower and the Black Tower
  • Default size and Li: Approx. 2.2 m high / 4 prims

E.V.E Rapunzel in Evie [Info]

  • Looking for the She Version for mesh bodies to wear? Click here!
  • Looking for the He Version for mesh bodies to wear? Click here!

Here are 2 videos made while testing the hologram effect and the animation of the mesh particles. Play them in Flickr:

E.V.E Rapunzel in Evie Test02 E.V.E Rapunzel in Evie Test01

*Evie’s basic body shape was created using Manuel Bastioni’s CC-BY 4.0 Addon for Blender and finished Z-remeshing and modeling in ZBrush. 


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