The Wall

“Not all that it seems is… your eyes are lying to you. This wall that you see is just an illusion, nothing else but a set of replicant cells organized in a macrostructure…”

Chasing Morpheus, by Noke Yuitza at LEA23 (coming soon).


  • New release for Fantasy Fair 2017. Opens the 20th
  • 100% of the sales on Tir Na Nog Monochrome and Space Odyssey packs will be donated to the American Cancer Society
  • Taxi to E.V.E Sponsor booth in Fantasy Fair here, in Dawns Promise sim


[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enable / Mesh Particles / Puzzles & replicant tile cells / Dystopia Collection / Mod & Copy]

Re-thinking the concept of puzzle-building composition in a creative way.

  • Color Packs: Nacar Blue, Tir Na Nog Monochrome, Space Odyssey White
  • Each pack includes:
    • Tile M01 [at def. size, 3 prims]
    • 4Tiles M01 [at def. size, 3 prims]
    • Wall Gate M01 [at def. size – small -, 14 prims]

E.V.E The Wall Mural M01 Cave Poster

E.V.E The Wall base Poster 03

Replicant tile cell colors

Bambies on sunset bath


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