{Poison} “Army of Me” Ink Flowers

E.V.E Poster {Poison} Army of Me Ink Flowers 04

“And if you complain once more
You’ll meet an army of me”

Army of Me, Bjork.


  • New Gacha release for: The Seasons Story. Opens the 10th.
  • Taxi here.

[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enable / Gacha Machine / Art piece / Flora / 8 Commons, 1 Rare, 2 Ultrarare / Poison Collection / Mod & Transfer]

  • Flower in 2 parts to easy interchange, add or remove stems of droplets
  • 4 different models of flower shapes, from semi closed to open:
    • M01, M02, M03, M04
  • Colors of the petals: black, white, silver, gold or red blood
  • Colors of the stems and pistil: black, white, silver, gold and red blood
  • At default size (2.5m high), Li is: aprox. between 3 and 7 prims, depending on the model.


Commons includes 5 flowers in each pack. Packs are defined by shape [M01, M02, M03 or M04] and there are 2 Color Petal Packs available: 4 in Red Blood or 4 in Gold


The Silver Rare Pack includes 20 silver flowers in all the models


Ultras includes 20+4* flowers in Black Pack or White Pack and all models

*Special combo version inside the ULTRARARES Packs: Black and White and White and Black

E.V.E Gacha {Poison} Army of Me Ink Flowers


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