New E.V.E Main Store Opening in premiere for Group Members

Aloha Flowers,

E.V.E is growing! Today we would like to announce that our new bigger main store, with the latest releases, group specials and gifts, is now ready to embrace you with open arms for all your E.V.E shopping needs.

New Store Only Updates:

Gems in the Rough, Atlantis in Winter collection, Ivy Bonsai, Nibbling Nibblers, and Aerial Screw Parasol are now out for purchase.

Group Members Only Updates:

Broken Chains Scattered Roses Kawaii Ed. is now available and a new group member discount system is in the works… soon more info about.

Take advantage of the E.V.E group members only sale! To celebrate the opening, all Gachas are 50% off for next the next 24 hrs starting at 2 pm SL time.

Taxi here.

Enjoy 😉

E.V.E Team


With Jinx Jinx at the opening of E.V.E New Main Store


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