Atlantis in Ice at Winter Solstice

As many of you probably already know, E.V.E took on a huge project in the last 2 months known as the “Atlantis in Ice Collection”. Which was broken up into 3 books and events of “When Atlantis Fell” at Crossroads; “Atlantis Ice Crystals” at We ❤ RP; and “Oracle of Atlantis” at Chapter 4

The E.V.E creation team as always has big wonderful plans for every release that we bring and our Winter Collection was no exception. So, while we worked away at this, Pale Girl Productions asked us to take on the challenge to design the sim in just 3 weeks for their next event, Winter Solstice, and we accepted even though we would have to complete it all, along with 3 new releases for our regularly scheduled events. This was a tight squeeze for us because the Winter Solstice project alone is something one should have 3 months at least to plan and execute. But, It was also very rewarding and something we would do again.  

It wasn’t all fun and games mind you. There were many challenges, pineapple moments and even one cactus breakdown. Even though Noke has experience in doing huge installations and sim design in SL and RL… it was a Cherry Popping excursion for Ralphie who had no idea there were so many things to consider to find the perfect harmony  between high quality beauty, easy navigation, and prim practicality all packed into one sim. There was many a late night of building then tearing down to start all over again. And, on one such occasion it started the day with Noke saying “Oh Ralphie…don’t hate me but…” (Insert here E.V.E’s first ever Cactus moment meltdown done by none other than yours truly Ralphie). We did it though! And it’s better than Awesome even if there was a few glitches and possibly giving the Pale Girl Production Management a few well meant heart attacks in the process.

In spite of all the craziness of taking on such a huge project, it was an honor and privilege to be asked to do this and show E.V.E’s artwork in this way. We would like to thank the Pale Team for the support, specially Kira and Voshie, for the artistic adventure that started the tale of Atlantis and its two main characters, the twin oracles. More adventures will come, in the future, about the twins. So, please a round of applause to Pale Girl Productions also for the unveiling of the E.V.E Atlantis in Ice Collection.

Now E.V.E wants to invite you to experience our finished piece first hand. So, take a trip to Mystic Realms to see some of the wonders there. Feel free to take pictures and show them off in the E.V.E Flickr group.

pictures by  Nina DiLeonardi:





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