Gems in the Rough


Photo by Ralphie.


“I’m a gem in the rough…
From the deep,
two versions of me,
diving to surface
to shine, shine, shine
for the right eyes to see
I’m a gem in the rough…
a feral wish for life on speed,
an instinct search for he,
contradiction in a race
for my artist to sculpt…
I’m your gem in the rough.”

By Noke Yuitza.


[100% Original Mesh Design / Unisex accessory & Female Swimsuit /  2 Rares and 4 Commons / Transfer]

Inspired by the tornado in the beginning of relationships… where one gains when is polished by the interaction with his or her beloved.

  • Commons colors: Turquoise, diamond, ruby, amethyst
  • Rares colors: nacre night & night seduction, nacre day & day seduction

Swimsuit tested in classic body and Maitreya and TMP mesh body.

New E.V.E’s gacha release at 6th Midwinter Fair, taxi here.





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