Nibbling Nibblers Vol. I {Natural}

“Nibbling your lips, to shut up your mouth”,

The Lost e-Cigarrette, by Noke Yuitza

Inspired by the long search for the perfect mouth made by Rara that every room was searched every stone looked under and yet some weren’t enough others too much…so for Rara one was made “Just Right”.


[100% Original Mesh Design/ Materials Enabled/ Nibblers Collection/ Body/ Human, Feral, & Vampire/Modify and Copy]

• Teeth: Human, Feral, & Vampire

Tongues: Normal (included in all teeth) Forked, Pierced Normal, & Pierced Forked

Inside FATPACK box you will find:
– All Teeth & all Tongues

Inside Individual Pack boxes you will find:
– 1 version of the Teeth with Normal Tongue

Inside Beautification box you will find:
– 1 each of the Forked, Pierced, & Forked Pierced Tongues

Release for Shiny Shabby


All the teeth and tongues are compatible with any face or head… Mesh heads and System faces alike. They are in 4 parts of the top teeth, bottom teeth, tongue, and mouth cavity that can each be modified to not only fit into any mouth but also any facial expression that you desire. But, please remember to make copies before doing any Modifications.

in the beautification pack there are 3 tongue options to add to the teeth but remember to select the normal tongue and detach it from the teeth before adding one of these. Also, as always, make sure to make copies before attempting any sort of Modifications.



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