Propelling Gears

“One who awakens gradually out of a dream, a delicious, grotesque, impossible dream, to feel again the realities pressing into her soul.”

~Kate Chopin

Inspired by the dream as an artist to show the courageous soul that dares to defy those who thought all was impossible for one to succeed without them. That the art would just fade out over time to nothing.


[100% Original Mesh Design/ Materials Enabled/ Dystopia Collection/ Decor/ Animated Mesh Particles/ Animated and non-Animated full sized versions/ Modify and Copy]

• Colors: Multi Colored (Fatpack only), Gold, Black, & White

Animation versions: Animated Mesh Particles (AMP)*, Clock and Sun dial

 NonAnimation version: stand alone individual Gears

Inside FATPACK box you will find:
– All color packs of all 3 animated versions in addition to each of the non-animated individual Gears

Inside Color Pack boxes you will find:
– 1 version each of the AMP*, Clock, Sundial, & the non-animated individual Gears

Inside Box of Assorted Gears Pack boxes you will find:

-All the colors of the Stand Alone non-animated individual Gears

Release for TSA.


All the gears are modifiable but, edit them at your own risk… Please be sure to make backup copies!

If you are a Firestorm user, you also can delete the scripts at once by: right click to display secondary menu over the rezzed piece and choose “More” and again “More” and then “Scripts” and then “Remove Scripts”. This way the animation will continue, but without the scripts inside. Don’t duplicate the item! Duplicating will kill the animation.


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