E.V.E Curious about you Script Tutorial

Last update: now you can rezz the flowers and move them without the need of resetting the script.

Aloha Flowers,

Recently the E.V.E Team brought you a new animated feature in some of our wonderful flower decor. But…

“Every rose has it’s thorn” ~Poison

When you Rez it out you might notice it likes that exact spot that you placed it so much so, that if you try to move it to where ever your desired spot on the sim it will run back to it. And, since flowers are social creatures by nature any other flower you Rez out with the same name will rush to the original flower’s side.

Fear not though there is a way to soothe them into going where they truly belong!

1st when you Rez each flower out make sure you are in build mode on the last tab titled “Contents”.


Next, move the flower to the desired spot that you have picked out for it and make sure you are still holding it tight…Don’t Let Go! you’re not done yet.

There is one more thing you need to do before you let the flower shine in it’s full wonderful glory. Open the E.V.E Curious about you  script and press the Reset button


Ok, next in a firm voice say “Stay, flower…Stay” and then you can let it go free.

But, be sure to do this for each and every flower you Rez out because remember they are social creatures that need to huddle together and judge you hard for not soothing them to where they belong in your SL world.


Ralphie (Dlehi Lykin)
E.V.E Store Manager


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