“Your whispers in the wind
Drifting on the breeze
Soothe my anxious heart
Until you’re here with me”

Adapted from a popular Malay song, “Getaran Jiwa”.
English lyrics: Billy Aerts.


New Release for: Chp. 4
Taxi to E.V.E at The Chapter Four here

Aloha beautiful flower,

E.V.E’s new gacha release for The Chapter Four is inspired in those full moon nights of the fall before winter’s arrival… when the wind is wild and the trees melt into alive forms.


[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enabled/ Dystopia Ed./ Unisex/ Environment Lights / Type of packs: Common, Rare & Ultra Rare/ Modify and Trans]

  • Color Petals (5 commons): Bronze, B&W, Pink, Purple, & Blue
  • Color Petals (3 Rares): Gold, Silver, Black Chrome
  • Ultra Rare: Chained Tree. Includes a “curious about you” animated version and non animated one

E.V.E Gacha - Whispers (Specs).jpg


“Here is a mini tutorial on how to place & move the tree from their original placement.

When you rez the trees you will notice that when you move them they will revert back to where you dropped them.

How to deal with this issue is as you “Edit” their position is to go into the contents tab & open the script “E.V.E Curious about you” and reset as you place to your desired tree position to keep it there and YaYs done!”

If you need extra help, please contact Ralphie (Dlehi Lykin), E.V.E Store Manager.

Enjoy 😉

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