Splashing Droplets

E.V.E Poster Splashing Droplets

E.V.E Splashing Droplets (photo by Darkest Serenity)

Little girl (reading)

“When the nights where long and the days were deep, there lived a girl… Why  does it always start like that? With the nights and the days?”


” All stories start like that. That’s how we know they’re stories. Now, do you need me to continue?”

Killjoys, season two finale episode.


[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enabled / Dancing collection of Animated Mesh Particle Lights / Color packs: Milk, Oil, Silver, Gold / FATPACK / Includes Environment Lights / All packs are Modify and Copy]

Aloha beautiful flower,

Inspired in fluid movement and alternative intelligent life forms, these living Splashing Droplets creatures that try to hold each other in the dark night are new E.V.E’s release for The Chapter Four. Their color packs will be at a special 2×1 price (buy one, get two) only during The Chapter Four.

Taxi to E.V.E’s at The Chapter Four here.

  • Slashing Droplets includes: Stand alone Dancing Droplets, one Splashing fall creature with Dancing Droplets, a couple of creatures facing together in an arch, attached Environment Lights.
    • Default size and Land Impact of one creature: aprox. 5.6 x 8.8 x 7.5 m/ 17 Li

Inside FATPACK box:

All color packs Mod/Copy

Inside COLOR PACKS boxes :

Milk & Oil + attached Environment Lights Mod/Copy

Gold & Silver + Environment Lights Mod/Copy

2×1 During The Chapter Four Only

After The Chapter Four, color packs includes just one color


Here some amazing photos by Neya Mode and Clau Dagger:
Sin título Sin título
E.V.E Splashing Droplets



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