New addon pack for Dancing 12-Pointed Stars

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.”

Gary Allan.

E.V.E* Dancing 12-Pointed Stars 01

(Animated Mesh Particles Lights)
[100% Original Mesh Design / Dancing collection of Animated Mesh Particles Lights / FATPACK: Modify and Copy / Color Packs and Addon Pack: Copy with resizer / (New) Addon Pack: Materials Enabled plus Physics version]

SHAPES: Ring, Galaxy or big single 12-pointed star

•GALAXY is a cloud of stars that dances and floats around.
Default size = 10 meters / 14 prims

•RING is ideal to stand out a certain object or spot, like a window or a fountain, or to create arches and tunnels in paths and caverns.
Default size = 10 meters / 10 prims

•BIG STAND ALONE STAR to play with
Default size low impact version (with no physics)= 2 meters / 1 prim
Default size version with physics= 2 meters / 2 prim

COLORS: white snow, blue, vanilla, pink, silver, gold, bronze and black chrome


– Color packs are Copy
– Big Stand Alone 12-pointed Stars Addon Pack is Copy
– Fatpack is Mod and Copy

• MOD/COPY FATPACK includes:
Big stand alone star, Galaxy and Ring blocks fully modifiable in white, bronze, silver, gold and black

• COPY Color Pack includes:
A color with resizer

• COPY Addon Pack includes:
Big Stand Alone Stars in all colors in 2 versions: with/ without physics. Includes resizer


If you have the Mod/Copy version of a product and you are in Firestorm, you can delete all scripts at once from different rezzed copies opening the secondary menu (RBM click) and choose: More / More / Scripts / Remove Scripts. Some animation scripts will hold their function! (Don’t forget to do a backup copy)
Enjoy 😉

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