So Close, Yet So Far

Gorgeous ❤

Sugar on Snails

Featured Item:  E.V.E – Tornado Orion Nebula (Enchantment)

Damon had been looking for answers for many many years. He had lost count of how old he was, though he had sat down once and identified that he was, at least, over 1000 years old. He had seen so many things across the Earth. Civilizations – all of humanity, in one form or another. He knew he was special, but also that he wasn’t unique.

Time and encounters with the strange and supernatural beings that walked the earth had taught him how to use his gifts and revealed his talents, along with vulnerabilities, too. Damon was a half-demon, as they called it. One of a special combination. And when he dropped his concealing defense, an illusion of sorts, he was seen as what might be called an angel.

He was of a rare breed and had not encountered another quite like…

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