Venus in Me

“She was carried over the waves of the resounding sea on soft foam”

Demetrios Chalkokondyles, Florence 1488.


Short story by Dehrynn Shepherd.

“In ancient times, I stepped from the waves, and into the hearts of all around me. I strode among gods and humans, and creatures untold. Wars were fought for my affections. But none could truly possess me unless I desired it. How can you conquer beauty? I became the embodiment of Desire and Delight. And I inspired passion in all of you.

To love.

To be beautiful in your own skin.

To experience passion on so many levels.

My name is Venus, Aphrodite, Acidalia, Cytherea, Rara and Cerigo.. I have so many names. I am all of them and yet more than that. My name is your name, for I exist in each of you – some more than others.

I am Love.

I am Passion

and I am Desire.

I am Venus. I am in you.

Find me inside, and love thyself for the goddess that resides there.”


Aloha beautiful flowers!

Inspired in the wind, the ocean, the flow and the Birth of Venus painting, by Botticelli, comes Venus in Me, new E.V.E’s release for the TTS Birthday.

The TTS is open now, the taxi here.

– 100% original mesh design
– Materials Enabled
– Rigged Fitted Mesh clothes for femmes and males (tested on Maitreya, TMP and classic avatar)
– Color Packs: blue, black, white (available in the TTS Birthday round)
– Special color pack: Gold Great Wave (for E.V.E members, coming soon)
– Fatpack available
– Copy

Inside each color pack box you will find:
1. A dress for her
2. A dress for him
3. A Long T-Shirt version for males to wear with pants

E.V.E Poster Venus in Me (by Ralphie)

Photo taken by Ralphie

Ralphie is wearing the blue version for males. If you are curious about the flowers and the pearls… just follow the links to:

Want to see how others are using Venus in Me for their pictures? Here some amazing photos of the white and black versions of Neya Mode, Clau Dagger, Kai Wirsing, Roquai, Darkest Serenity and Ephemeral Skye:

E.V.E Venus in Me
E.V.E Venus in Me
E.V.E Tornado Orion Nebula
E.V.E Venus in Me @TTS
E.V.E Tornado Orion Nebula@Enchantment
So Close (pv 5/6)
Violent Descent
Born of Rivers and Dreams



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