Updated: Waving Bioluminescent Fungus

E.V.E Waving bioluminescent fungus animated lights Halloween Poster 02

Waving bioluminescent fungus animated lights Halloween Poster

Just updated the Modify and Copy pack of the WBF lights. Now updated version v.02 includes:

  • 2 M/C original blocks: 1 squared with 4 tiles, 1 path with 4 tiles
  • 1 M/C basic square block to show polygroups-materials
  • An example on how to do the waving effect animation

Each block has a base prim + 4 tiles with 3 materials to customize (plane, stem, sphere). This update contains the original texture and editable scripts in M/C squared and path blocks. You will find it in the main store or at the marketplace here.

This update is for the people that was asking me to include the script and my texture to achieve same results than in the just copy version packs.


If you already have the old M/C pack, please send an IM to E.V.E (evestudio) with a proof of purchase to get the updated version by free.

You can send  the ID of your purchase (if it is a recent purchase) or a gyazo capture of the General Tab of the Edit Panel (where one can see who is the owner and the name of the object) of the M/C box or of the contextual floating message as showed here:


To generate a “Sea Effect”, put 2 blocks nearly overlapped and rotate one 90 degrees.

You can mix blocks with different color lights and, if you have the MOD version, texture, transparent and glow intensity,… all you can imagine!

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Part of Dystopia art installation
  • Animated Mesh Particle Lights
  • M/C



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