Cubic Dreams

“You kissed me and you went into the deep …
I still remember how cold the water was that morning and the taste of the salt on your skin, the chirping of seagulls and that crooked smile of yours when you said goodbye from the boat.
I kissed you and you went to sea,  leaving me anchored to this empty shore after the storm, looking among the wreckage for ethereal pieces of you.”

E.V.E Poster Love Mesh Tattoo


“Like bubble universes, each cube contains a person’s dreams. Choose yours and start dreaming…”
(Animated mesh particles lights)

  • New release for Fantasy Fair 2016 “Once upon a cure”
  • The 100% of the sales of the copy version of E.V.E’s Cubic Dreams Animated Mesh Particles Lights will be donated to the American Cancer Society via Relay For Life
  • Taxi to E.V.E at the Fantasy Fair 2016 here
  • MAY’s UPDATE: The Fantasy Fair is over! You can find Cubic Dreams now in E.V.E’s Marketplace here

The Sea of Cubic Dreams was my sim Art Game Installation for Alegria Studio and LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) in 2014. These particles are inspired in its concept.

You can choose between 2 perms version: Copy or Mod & Copy (M/C). This last one is recommended for artists, designers and people with skills in building in Second Life.

Colors you can find are: white/black , white glow/black, white, black. These last 3 are glow/non, while the 1st one is non glow.

Is included a small size to easy rez in areas with no much free prims. Remember that the size of a mesh affects land impact. The bigger you do a mesh, more land impact!

• Default sizes: small (aprox. 5x5m=7prims) and regular (10×10=28prims)

These particles are and have:

– 100% original mesh design
– Dancing Collection of Animated Mesh Particles Lights
– Part of an art installation
– Color packs: white/black , white glow/black, white, black and fatpack
– 2 versions by perms: COPY or MOD/COPY (M/C)

• COPY version includes:
A color
2 Cubic Dreams blocks: small and regular
Environment Lights (M/C)

• M/C version includes:
Blocks fully modify in all colors


They have a transparent box and planes to help you to select and edit the lights.

1. Activate Highlight Transparent objects in Second Life with Ctrl+Alt+T to see them
2. Right Mouse Button click over the plane or box to open the secondary menu and choose Edit

On Noke:



Read more on The Sea of Cubic Dreams:



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