“What Binds Us”

E.V.E Poster What binds Us (photo by Kynne)
Photo poster by Kynne.

This gacha release for The Gathering 2016 is another bite from my Dystopia art installation at LEA24. Includes the Ivy Jacket for She & Him, the Ghost Chains model 02 and the Ivy Tree. Colors:

  1. Nature colors: Sleeping Nature, Snowed, Frozen
  2. Metallic colors: Gold, Silver, Black Chrome
  3. Fantasy colors: Red Blood, Purple Night (exclusive for E.V.E members)

You can see the tree and the chains in gold rezzed at my booth at The Gathering, my store and Dystopia.

Dystopia “What Binds Us” gacha machine is and has:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Materials enabled
  • 7 commons, 2 rares, 2 ultrarares
  • Ghost Chains model 02 in metallic colors (Mod/Trans)
  • Ivy Jacket for her and him in S, M, L sizes and metallic colors
  • Ivys in nature, metallic and fantasy colors (Mod/Trans)
  • Ivy and Dystopia Collections
  • Part of Dystopia art installation
  • Transfer

Get the taxi here.

E.V.E Poster DYSTOPIA What Binds Us (Gacha Poster Adds)


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