Just Get It Down.

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Mask and Mien

“Writing Tip Of The Day (and reminder to myself): Write. Just write. Just get it down. You can always fix bad pages. You can’t fix NO pages.” –Harlon Coben


When I saw that quote show up it really caught my attention. My twitter feed is usually a hodgepodge of sports blurbs, musicians/bands, and random game tweets. Every once in a while though I get something that really stands out. Now I know that I’m the one who really controls what shows up in my feed, so I’m not complaining about it. This one in particular stood out to me to for one real reason. I don’t think of myself as that good of a writer. I’ll sit and question a post or even sentences in my head for ages and still not be sure. I know a lot of that is just confidence in myself. I’ve worked on it…

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