I love this capture!! Strong narrative… falling with the tongue tied… Thanks bella ❤

Sweet little world of Mɇłøđɏ Ŧɍøᵾƀłɇ


These new releases for the Skin Fair (taxi) are a tribute to Virtual Wolds performers, musicians, Djs and dancers, all accomplices to immerse us into the virtual environments.

Each box includes in silver or gold:
•    KOI Glitter Face Makeup
•    THE DROWN Eyes (optional; not mesh)
•    Soft face light in Blue or Peach (optional)

Microphone Eyes & Koi Glitter are and have:
– 100% original mesh design
– Unisex
– Materials Enabled*
– Dancing Collection of Animated Mesh Particles Lights**
– Part of Dystopia art installation (coming soon at LEA24 this Spring)
– 2 color packs: silver or gold
– M/C (less The Drown Eyes, that are just Copy)

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