Ice Crown

E.V.E {Poster-HR} Ice Crown

Dragon King, photo by Ephemeral Skye

“I ask for so little. Just fear me. Love me. Do as I ask, and I shall be your slave.”

Jareth, The Goblin King, Labyrinth 1986.

Ice Crown

Inspired in the Snow Queen tale for your frozen souls…

Four different types of ice:

  • Black Ice: from frozen volcano’s deep caverns in the South
  • Pure Ice: found in elven sacred places
  • Iceberg: the Northmen collect this kind of ice in the sea with Njord blessing
  • Dragon Ice: crafted from the scales of an ancient frozen dragon

For a more realistic-looking, go to your Preferences Graphic advanced options and activate Advanced Lighting Model*.

You can get them in E.V.E’s marketplace and in world store. E.V.E’s group members will have a 50% discount during March.

100% Original Mesh Design / Unisex / *Materials Enabled / A crown, a color / Resizer / Copy

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