Dancing Tears


Photo by Melody Trouble

Photo by Melody Trouble

“When you cry in space, do your tears float away?”

They dance around, appearing and disappearing, in a magic, fresh and melancholic rain of tears… You can wear them or use them in your sets and environment designs.

This Tears are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Dancing collection of animated mesh particle lights
  • 2 versions: Copy (C) or Modify/Copy (M/C)
  • Copy pack includes:
    • Animated and non animated versions
    • A color (white in blue, blue or vanilla)
    • Resizer
    • Optional E.V.E Environment Lights (M/C)
  • M/C includes:
    • A block made of 4 layers/panels
    • The animated version in white in blue
    • Optional E.V.E Environment Lights
    • Slow Rotation Script (M/C)
    • Fade Scripts (C)

 * This tears was 1st released as Floating Tears during the last 2015 TSA (when terrorist attacks in France).


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