When Good Things Happen

Fantastic post and combo!! I love the gif you did 😀 Thanks so much ❤

Mask and Mien

Have you ever had one of those days were things just do not seem to work? Then something happens that you were not expecting and that surprise just makes it all worth while. That has been my last two days…


I’ve always blogged whatever I’ve found that I either love or use regularly. I’ve never done it to gain anything or make a name for myself. I truly enjoy the time I put into things here at Mask And Mien. Watching it all grow over the past six months has been amazing. I know Portia has worked exceptionally hard on her end as well. We reached a pretty big milestone here just a few days ago – 10,000 views. I know we both greatly appreciate the love from everyone who’s ever read a post, looked at a picture, or just popped by in passing.

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